Small Wetland of Brăila natural Park is located in the South-East of Romania and according to the Visiting strategy of BmB – NP, tourists access to PN-BmB is made through three entry points:

  1. Giurgeni Village – the one more important entrance gate to the park, located on European Road 60, with access to the “Egreta” integral protection area, with light boats (individual – kayaks / canoes or in group – fast boats, steamboats);
  2. The municipality of Braila – the second entrance gate in the park): from the Nautical Base, upstream, to the “Fundu Mare” integral protection zone in 15 minutes with fast boats or in 30 minutes by boat;
  3. Gropeni Village – the third gateway to the park as important access to PN-BmB being made by asphalt road at the ferry crossing in the Big Island of Braila, then with light boats upstream on the Navigable Danube and Vâlciu branch to The Small Island of Braila and downstream the Calia branch and the Navigable Danube to the Calia Island.

The categories of tourism that can be performed in PN-BmB are:


Ecotourism, which can be practiced in turn by bird watching, boating – practiced in individual boats (canoe or kayak), from Giurgeni (upstream) to Braila (downstream) on the unpaved arms of the Danube,


Sport fishing

Sport fishing – unlike the Danube Delta where sport fishing is considered a form of exploitation of renewable natural resources, in the Baltic Sea of ​​Braila sport fishing is perceived as a recreation activity;


Scientific tourism

Scientific tourism is a specialized form of visiting through which researchers (specialists and amateurs) and students alike, belonging to universities, institutes and NGOs, study both the natural capital of Balta Mică de Braila as well as the relations between it and the adjacent socio-economic systems;


Educational tourism

Educational tourism – starting from the principle that “the education of the young generation is at the foundation of sustainable development”, the park administration organizes the following categories of educational activities in the Baltic Sea of ​​Brăilei: study trips, thematic camps, competitions for tourist orientation and survival in conditions of isolation in the pond, ecological actions and restoration of tourist routes after the annual floods, participation of students in the monitoring activities of biodiversity elements carried out by rangers.




Price: 25 lei/night/pers
Capacity: 10 places (2 rooms with double beds 4 respectively 5 beds) and 1 single room)
At this moment, the cottage does not have access to running water and electricity.

Visiting centre

Our visitor center is located on the Danube Bank, Dana 10 (near Mureș Ship), Brăila, Brăila County.