ROSCI0290 Ialomita Corridor, ROSPA0152 Ialomita Corridor

The protected natural areas covered by the project are: ROSCI0290 Ialomita Corridor, ROSPA0152 Ialomita Corridor and Alexeni Forest Reserve.

Ialomita Corridor, Site of Community Importance ROSCI0290 was designated by O.M. 2387/2011 and has an area of ​​27,109 ha. Included in its content is the Special Protection Area Avifaunistic ROSPA0152 Ialomiţa Corridor with an area of ​​25,307 ha, designated by H.G. 663/2014. The protected natural area Pădurea Alexeni (RONPA0850), designated by GD 2151/2004 has an area of ​​37 ha being located within the area of ​​Alexeni, from Ialomița County.

The total area covered by the Management Plan is 27,146 ha (27,109 ha ROSCI0290 + 37 ha RONPA0850).

ROSCI0290 Ialomita Corridor, ROSPA0152 Ialomita Corridor

The site consists of the Ialomiţa Valley corridor, downstream from the Prahova River, to the confluence with the Danube, to which is added upstream the Prahova River corridor (downstream from Cocorăștii Grind) and Teleajen River (downstream from Coșlegi locality ), as well as from a series of forest bodies located on the terraces / intersections on the right side of the Ialomița River. The meadow has a width between 4-6 km, pronounced asymmetrical, more developed on the left side and with the minor riverbed immediately below the right bank. In the meadow there are frequent “dead arms”, belciuge, meadow lakes, marshes, but also dry portions of shingles and beaches. The altitude varies from approx. 150 m upstream of the site, located on Prahova River and its tributary Teleajenul, at approx. 20 m at the discharge of Ialomita into the Danube.

The site of community importance ROSCI0290 Ialomita Corridor, with an area of ​​27,109 ha, is located on the south-east of the country, includes the corridor of the Ialomita valley downstream from the confluence with Prahova, up to the Danube river, to which the upstream part is added. Prahova and Teleajănul Corridor, but also a series of forest bodies (oak, willows and poplars) located along the watercourses. The site represents the most important ecological corridor that crosses the Bărăgan Plain (Ialomiţa being the only alohton river in Bărăgan), with a development from west to east, linking the Sub-Carpathians Mountains and the the Danube Plain. From an administrative point of view, the protected area is located on the territory of Ialomita (72%) and Prahova (28%). The special area of ​​avifaunistic protection ROSPA0152 Ialomiţa Corridor (with an area of ​​25,307 ha), except for a small portion of the radius of Dridu locality (area included in ROSCI0290, but part of ROSPA0044 Grădiisce-Căldărușani-Dridu), follows faithful. site of community importance from its western end to the right of the village of Țăndărei (Ialomița County)

The sites occupy relatively flat land and being located along the Ialomița river bank, they are adjacent to the numerous localities along the national roads DN1 (on the Ploiești – Bucharest route), DN2A (on the Urziceni – Slobozia – Țăndărei – Hârșova route) and DN1D – on route Urziceni) as well as along the numerous county and communal roads. In addition to this dense network of communication paths, the existence of numerous dirt roads (for agricultural or forestry), makes access to protected areas very easy.

The protected natural area Alexeni Forest (nature monument) is located near the town of Alexeni (Ialomița county), on the communal block, with an area of ​​37 ha.